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& YOUR #1 FAN!

& YOUR #1 FAN!

Shawn LaRé works with professionals who are struggling with imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, and other blocks in their professional and personal lives. Our clientele is largely entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, performers, sports professionals, and people in other professions that place large emphasis on personal identity. While these fields can be incredibly empowering and autonomous, personal doubts and challenges can easily sneak in and throw us off our game.


When your work and personal life are so interconnected and those lines are so blurred, a problem in one area can quickly cascade into the other and create problems there as well. This can make it more difficult to navigate and also more inherently challenging to maintain a healthy perspective. Shawn LaRé has a unique insight into how these worlds intersect as a serial entrepreneur with a long successful career in the mental health field and an extensive background working within the entertainment industry.


She lets her clients be the experts on their own lives. Through your coaching sessions, she'll follow your lead while carefully guiding you down the path to empowerment.

Personal Coaching


Dispel the myths about who you are! All too often we live based on what others think about us; or even worse, what we think they think about us. What if you could find courage to erase the negative myths you have allowed to be your truth? Together, we’ll dig deep to examine your obstacles and move beyond them. 

Career Coaching


Ready to take that next step or giant leap in your career? Together, we’ll work to highlight your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses, and amplify your impact. We’ll increase your bottom line by sparking creativity and breathing life into complacent attitudes, stagnant movement, and shelved dreams!

Performance Coaching


Let your best self take center stage! Careers in entertainment, sports, and even sales often can blur the lines between personal and professional, as you are your product, and you always have a certain pressure to be “on.” Learn tools that move you past being “good” and elevate you to working at your optimal best.

You might be wondering - what is coaching anyway?

Life coaching is a form of support and guidance that helps individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Unlike therapy, which focuses on addressing and resolving emotional or psychological issues, life coaching is future-oriented and aims to help individuals identify and achieve their desired outcomes in various areas of their lives, such as career, relationships, health, and personal growth.

Get Inspired with Public Speaking & Training

With Shawn LaRé’s dynamic, personable, and unique speaking style, she encourages you to live beyond fear and limiting beliefs to jumpstart your unapologetically bold spirit and revel in your reinvention. A dynamic speaker, she engages the audience with humorous anecdotes, words of wisdom, and mindful meditation. Those in attendance will leave feeling alive and ready to take it to the next level.

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