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Shawn LaRé Brinkley, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Transformational Performance Coach, and Speaker/Trainer/Author is best described as a “people” person. Shawn LaRé possesses a magnetic zest for life as her energy is, boundless, her passion, relentless, and her joyous spirit, infectious! Her private practice in Encino, CA is a group practice, which Shawn LaRé considers a “teaching practice” as she employs and supervises Associate Marriage Family Therapists, Associate Professional Clinical Counselors, and Associate Clinical Social Workers as well as she is contracted with University of Massachusetts Global as a field training partner. In this role, Shawn LaRé works with first and second-year students of clinical social work as their practicum site supervisor.

A Community advocate, Mrs. Brinkley has serves as president of the Black Women’s Network; a business and professional women’s organization. Additionally, she serves as Vice-President on the Board of Directors for The Advot Project, whose mission is to empower incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, economically disadvantaged, “at promise” adolescent boys, girls, and young adults to take control of their destiny by teaching them communication, life, and healthy relationship skills through artistic avenues such as theatre/drama, music, poetry/spokenword, and dance. Most recently, Mrs. Brinkley founded a 501C3 Non-Profit organization to honor the illustrious memory of her late husband: The William Joseph Brinkley Center for Cultural Affirmation, which endeavors to uplift, honor and affirm people of color through the delivery positive programming dedicated to mental wellness, artistic consciousness, character building, and dream designing.

Shawn LaRé has received countless awards and honors for her outstanding community service, commitment to excellence, and humanitarian efforts. Committed to furthering awareness on mental health and particularly dedicated to erasing the stigma around seeking therapy and mental wellness in BIPOC communities, Shawn LaRé speaks to professional organizations educating therapists about the nuanced needs of African Americans and BIPOC individuals in the therapeutic setting. A tireless woman’s advocate, Shawn LaRé coaches women who may need a jumpstart to honoring their dreams. She helps them to move past limiting beliefs and step into what she calls their “Who-You-Are-Ness,” and to live in their God-Given, God-Driven Purpose. Further coaching expertise includes helping creative individuals reach their full artistic potential using behavioral shifting tools and mindset development and change interventions. Her passion is set on fire when she can marry her artistic self to her clinical self.


Brinkley has co-authored two book anthologies and is currently working on her first solo book project. Additionally, Shawn LaRe’ is pursuing her Doctorate in General Psychology, with an emphasis in Performance Psychology and last year she had the distinct honor of traveling to Trinidad & Tobago to deliver her first TEDx TALK, entitled “When the Fairytale Fades.” She lives life on “full tilt boogie” and believes love, laughter, and ADHD are her superpowers. A fun fact about Mrs. Brinkley…She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor.

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